Allison + Amber

Every wedding I walk away from there is one piece that forever stays in my mind. It’s that one moment that makes it unique to the couple and is the first thing that pops in my head when I think of their big day.

Allison and Amber, by far, had the most emotional vows I have ever witnessed. Even I teared up behind the camera. It was real, and amazing, and I will never forget it. These two ladies wore their love on their sleeves. It was SO obvious. I love when I can physically feel connections like they have. Gah, love it.

So, what are some other fun, amazing moments of Allison & Amber’s Midway Village wedding?

  1. All the book details
  2. Kids (pups) pictures on the bouquet
  3. Balloons used for first looks
  4. Random rain during portraits until I opened an umbrella for cute rain shots
  5. Beer ceremony instead of sand or unity candles
  6. Amazing mother daughter dance
  7. Delicious cupcakes (not that I have found many that weren’t delicious…)



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