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Hi, I’m Holly and I’m overweight.

If you’ve ever met me or seen my photo, you know I am not, by American standards, in shape. My weight is something I have dealt with for as long as I can remember. My mother deals with her, her mother dealt with it, and so on and so on. Most people are not born with perfect genes.

It’s a guarantee at every wedding I shoot, there is at least one woman who says “can you make me look 10 pounds thinner?” I always smile, slightly chuckle, and proceed to tell her that I will keep in mind her insecurities and would never post a photo I thought would be incredibly unflattering. I get it. Even if it’s the greatest photo I have ever taken in my life, if you don’t like you, you don’t like it. Period.

What I want most to say is “this moment outweighs every single thing you may dislike about yourself.” If you are the mother of the bride, please be in every photo you can. One day, your daughter will look back on those photos with only her memory of you by her side. Do you really think she is thinking “I can’t believe how heavy my mom was.” I’m going to bet no. She’s going to be focused on how you smiled at her that day and how she could give anything to hug you one more time.

Yes, we all have insecurities, but our lives shouldn’t be defined by them. Next time you want to hide from the camera, think about the moment and whether someone, someday will look back at it and remember how great of a time they had spending it with you.

The photo below is of my daughter, Annabelle, and I at Magic Waters circa 2010. This moment definitely outweighed my insecurities of being in a swimsuit.